Firmware update v.4.10 brings new bird and airplane detection to Z 9

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The v.4.10 update brings new opportunities; plus a Z 8 update coming in first half of 2024

New subject detection options for those shooting birds and planes with the Nikon Z 9 are now available via firmware update v.4.10.


Detection of birds and autofocus performance is increased when shooting in complex, high-contrast backgrounds, including forests and rocky mountains.


Bird mode can also quickly detect birds flying or perched, while the tracking of rapidly moving birds has also been increased to allow for a smooth shooting experience.


Airplane detection is the same feature that was launched with the Nikon Z 8 and enables reliable detection of aircraft regardless of their size, with increased detection in low-light and busy backgrounds.


The Z 8 itself will be updated with new firmware in the first half of 2024, to include the new bird detection mode and other improvements in functionality.


It comes as the Firmware update v.4.0 in the Nikon Z 9 introduced Auto Capture and a new Lo 2.0 setting for N-LOG that captures more detail in shadows with extremely low noise, plus a host of new features which you can read more about here.

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